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Old School Artistry   //   New School Technique

The Zualski School of Voice was launched in 2023.

The school represents the culmination of more than 10 years private teaching practice and comprises of students in Newcastle, Edinburgh and London. The school is founded on the principals of Dr. Nell Drew's physiological method, and centres on the belief that singing excellence comes from a conscious connection with the body as a living instrument.


The practical techniques of the method have been developed over the course of a combined teaching experience of more than 40 years as well as active research in both clinical and performance settings.



Physiological Method


Internationally Recognised Opera Specialist

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The Physiological Method is rooted in the understanding that the singer's body is an instrument, and like any other musician, the singer must learn to access an efficient and healthy technique to consistently produce its best effect. 


Unlike other instruments, the living, breathing body, is subject to an indefinite number of variables. Every time we sing, we must first prepare the instrument. Carefully pressurising the lungs, positioning the vocal folds, controlling the breath, creating resonating space, and all the while trying to tell a story and connect with other people.

Students of the Zualski School, learn to work with their body to build a dependable voice. Because of the practical, scientific approach to voice production, with time and dedication anyone can develop a robust instrument with excellent career prospects.

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Jacob Zualski School of Voice Logo. Graphic illustration of vocal ligaments.


New students get a free initial consultation to discuss their goals and make sure that the Zualski School is a good fit for them.

Fill in an application today and we'll get you booked in.

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Gift cards can be purchased online and emailed directly to the recipient on the date of your choice.


Celebrate your loved ones with the gift of song. Gift Cards may be redeemed against lesson fees, and may be customised for the personal touch.

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from purchase, and are non-transferrable. Gift Cards are non-refundable and may only be exchanged for the professional services of Jacob Zualski School of Voice. Buyers have 14 days from receipt of purchase to exercise their right of withdrawal. Gift Cards purchased for first time service users do not void their eligibility for a free initial consultation.

Jacob Zualski supports a small number of dramatic voices of extraordinary potential through the Diana Zualski Memorial Scholarship.


This scholarship facilitates the training of young and early career voices through regular pro bono teaching.

Please consider making a donation to support this work, as the scholarship is currently unfunded.

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