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Three Bridges Festival 2024

It’s been 5 years since we started Three Bridges Festival in Rosyth, Scotland. The vision was to create an environment for the development of performances, pedagogy and physiological training to singers and creatives.

Working in fellowship, participants were invited to explore their creative identity through photo shoots, concerts and even a full production of Le Nozze Di Figaro set in the country house where the festival takes residence.

Since then the project has evolved some, and we now invite singers from accross the globe to join us for an annual intensive study week on a carefully selected opera. Singers explore their voice in a safe place and are encouraged in free thinking to develop their artistry in harmony with one another.

Unlike other programmes we have been able to provide this opportunity to all applicants gratis. Where they might pay into the thousands for equivallent training elsewhere, we are fortunate to have relatively low running costs and the generosity of private donors to make sure singers are not turned away for lack of funds. After all, early career singers are certainly not known for luxurious lifestyles.

Painting of conductor with singers on stage
Ernst Edler von Schuch conducting Rosenkavalier - Painting by Robert Sterl

This year our focus is Strauss’ comedy Rosenkavalier. A pithy comedy exploring the journey of a mature woman relinquishing her 17 year old lover, Octavian, to pursue the young woman he loves. Meanwhile the Baron, provides a critical commentary on masculinity and the typical misogynistic behaviours of many wealthy men. He, of course, wants the young woman for himself, and is due to marry her. That doesn’t stop him from trying his luck with the chambermaid who, it must be said, looks all too suspiciously like Octavian!

I’m very much looking forward to engaging with this witty and complex work, and especially to spending time with some of my lovely students who will take on the roles of Marschallin, Sophie, Marianne and Baron Ochs.

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