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Maria Stuarda at Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Congratulations to all of my students who took part in Aria Alba's 2022 Fringe production. Bel canto belter - Maria Stuarda.

It's been a hard year all round as those same student's came to terms with the declining health of their, and my teacher Nell Drew. I am extremely blessed by the support that Nell's students demonstrated unerringly in the transition to my sole pedagogical supervision.

I am proud of them in so many ways, but not least for their stellar performances in this most unusual production, directed from a hospital bed, by a dear friend who is sorely missed.

Special mentions go to Judy Miller and Fiona Watson in the role of Maria, Fiona Breingan and Jolanda Grijpstra as Elizabetta, Joanna Bleau and Adam Feith as Leicester, Gill Quille and Isobel MacGreggor as Cecil (or in this case Cecilia!) and Hilarie Howarth as Talbot. There were, of course, many other sterling performances from the members of Aria Alba not taking 1:1 lessons with me and I am proud of them all equally.

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