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Jacob Zualski is a freelance creative and a champion of the transformative power of opera and theatre-making.

This work encompasses a broad portfolio of projects in Edinburgh and Newcastle, including directing the musical and artistic output of;

Harlekin Studio OperaAria Alba - Opera for all, and Indigo.

Jacob is an experienced conductor and music facilitator, drama workshop leader, graphic and brand designer,

production designer, and philanthropist.

"The central theme in my interpretation of new and extant opera is social injustice. My focus is primarily on the agency or lack of agency afforded to the characters by their authors, and in particular the marginalisation of non-heteromasculine people.

As a queer artist, I see opera as a vessel for social change, and for challenging the biases of the past with increasing awareness of the complexities of minority existence."

As a community arts specialist, Jacob is dedicated to providing a safe space for people to take risks and find their own unique voice without judgement or fear. He is committed to promoting individual responses to artistic works, and to nurtutring accepting and supportive music and theatre-making collectives.

Participants in Jacob's projects experience a wholesome education, which strives for the highest levels of performance while celebrating the achievements of people at all levels of development.

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